Union Meditation Centre where the training of Students first started. One to One and group lessons in Meditation and Spirituality pathed the way for students along their personal and spiritual Journey.

For now, Union Meditation has closed her doors. We designed two platforms that would enable us to continue helping people. We designed KT Hypnotherapy to provide an accelerated support package to help those with Mental health, Trauma, Anxiety and Addictions. Sacred Sounds Studio is our platform providing Meditation Lessons online with a video course session (zoom). Sacred Sounds Studio offers Spiritual Guidance. Our Students are from all walks of life, from teenagers to the elderly.

       We offer Student Membership to Union Meditation Centre at  just £9.99 per month

               Students will receive a 15 minute Session per month which they can use for

                                               Meditation, Spirituality or Counselling


What is Spirituality?


What is spirituality? The word Spirit means the self. Spirituality is the process of transforming the Spirit. So, transformation of the self. Sometimes we say, “she was the soul of the party, her spirit filled the room”, this means her energies were felt to be dominating with love and she was the centre stage. In other words Spirit also means centre. Seeking who we are and where we come from is the spiritual Path. In spirituality we call this centre the heart. The Heart of the party. Can you see a patterns of meaning? Some class spirituality as home or coming home. So Spirituality is the transformation of the spirit. Transformation of the self. The prize of Spirituality is of course – enlightenment. No one has a spirit – No one has a Soul. If I say my mind, my body and my soul then which one is me. The spirit then is the self. Us underneath the impressions of the mind and our actions as a human being. A guru would dissuade the term spirit. Centre of self. Know thy self, is what is really needed. The ancient sages of this Earth taught us about life. The wonders that she had to offer and the distractions and conflictions of the mind that would follow. Many yogis and Gurus mapped the way of the mind in order to go beyond the limitations of the physical world and the parts of the mind that constrict sublimely – a human being. So to recap, spirituality is the transformational process of the self (spirit). Spirituality is not something that you do, say, think, or imagine. It is not about right and wrong. It is all about who you think you are within your environment, mind, body, ideas, beliefs and experiences. It is about being a piece of life just the way nature intended. When we touch upon our true Self the quality of the experience of our life intensifies. We can feel alive and free from pain and suffering. We come to a realisation with-in ourselves that we are the soul and we are untouched. We have so many identities and roles in this world that sometimes we get bogged down with it all and we only focus on our sense organs. This means without knowing it we follow what the mind presents. Spirituality is about moving away from compulsive behaviours and turning our minds inwards. Not in the sense of in-ward thoughts but an inner journey of self-discovery. Spirituality is not something that will solace you from the suffering created by ourselves. Its about the way we see suffering, the way we react to suffering and looks at the suffering we have and still are doing to ourselves and others. Spirituality is like everything in life the more you give the more you get back. From a guru’s point of view, the student should always invest 100% towards knowing their true self, for if one can excel in spirituality then salvation falls at the feet at those who listen to their Guru. The guru is a teacher who shines the light with-in the darkness. Just like white words on a black background, the words can write the truth on the illusions of a darkened mind. A guru is a guide in the darkness. The spiritual journey is like a tunnel, we need to light the way. Because we are blind, the guru lights the tunnel with their wisdom and energy. Towards the end of the tunnel becomes so dark and the guru cannot take the student any further. The guru has given all the tools and training. The student is to light the final part of the tunnel so that the student can see and feel the light at the end. The guru can help the student shine but after some time the student loses that shine due to the traps of the mind. The guru should make their students tunnels straight, unwavering. The guru is with the student step by step, he follows the student knowing what is needed. Students who waste a guru’s time will be quickly removed. The mind is a powerful resourceful instrument that follows us in wakefulness and sleep. We cannot escape it nor can we reason with it when it comes to spirituality or meditation. We must at least learn what the mind is, what the mind does; but most importantly what the mind is capable of. The guru shows the student the right path. How long the walk through the tunnel takes is up to student. The guru never lets a student take the path of spirituality alone if a student goes alone they will most likely fail for they have not had the proper training or energy to light the tunnel. A physical guru will be needed for a student or an inner guru. With an inner guru the path seems to be stricter. Students must pay more attention to their energies. Everything is Energy. Every thought, emotion and every movement. Energy around us interacts on higher and lower frequencies. A lower energy is concerned and constricted to our earthly planet, environment and social structure/tolerance, we call this part of the mind that acts itself out, guided by likes and dis-likes, memory and un-defined or un-explored sense of self, the monkey mind. A higher energy is concerned and constricted to your spiritual wellbeing. Believed or not is the issue for others from behind the scenes, energies are working with you trying to find the best way to bring you to the source of energy. Pure energy is concerned and un-restricted to the turning of the heart. The heart is stripped as the blood spills. Only when the heart is empty can one feel that first drop that had ignited our call for Union. Home is an inner world of energy, love, wonder, subtle transformation and the completeness which is crying out to be touched upon. Assured Salvation falls upon the one who dares to raise his energies and align with the supreme nature of who we are.

                                                                                                                          Written by Justin James and Katie Scardifield