Our Sessions

We work differently, we tend to work content free. Unlike counselling or other therapies, you don't have to discuss the issue. I will work and help you let go of all those emotions that are holding you back from being at your highest potential and find that true happiness without you having to tell me about it. Sometimes we don't know why we have these Anxieties so the content free approach is great as you don't need to know the reason. I'm trained in a number of different techniques, mainly different styles including Advanced Hypnosis, Kinetic Shift, meditation  and EFT. Rather than reading from scripts or trying to fit you in to a certain category, everyone is unique so at KT Hypnotherapy our sessions are tailored to each individual. When you work with me your be in control of your life and honestly you  feel the lightness within you , no more shackles dragging you down....

Specialist in Anxiety and Trauma

At KT Hypnotherapy we specialise in Anxiety and post Trauma. I am very passionate about this as I personally went through a Trauma a long time ago, it effected my daily life badly. I would relive the Trauma over and over again, I then started to have panic seizures and my Anxiety was intense, I felt I was against my own mind. The day I had Hypnotherapy changed my life forever, the Trauma I had been relieving everyday for years was gone. Whenever I think about the Trauma it just feels like a bad dream, I don't feel anything negative, I don't actually have any feelings about the Trauma except it happened. I was free at last, that was the best feeling.

Initial Consultation is required prior to our Sessions.


Post Trauma

Trauma refers to an emotional response that is far greater than the usual distress and discomfort that you might ordinary experience. A useful way to view Trauma is like a wound that has not healed, once the healing is complete, the wound closes and becomes a scar. The facts have not changed and the scar remains but the hurt and pain is no longer there to fester and damage. This is where we are hoping to get you when you visit KT Hypnotherapy.


Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress can manifest itself differently for everyone, the common signs are chest tightness, panic attacks, racing heartbeat, sweating, insomnia, tiredness. Anxiety and stress can cause fear of being around other people outside the home and cause tension in relationships in the home. If you are worried about your mental health and feel you need help? You can gain control and confidence with specialised powerful hypnotherapy.Our Anxiety hypnotherapy sessions have shown to be extremely effective. Allowing people to have that freedom and clarity to be the best version of themselves.


Fears and phobias

Do you have a Fear or Phobia that is ruining your life? Hypnotherapy for Fears or Phobia is highly effective. A Phobia is an extreme, irrational fear of something that develops from a negative past experience. Using hypnosis, phobic responses can be easily and effectively removed. We use powerful hypnosis techniques that allow us to process your past and negative experiences that have caused your Phobia or Fear, and remove the emotional response associated with it. After the session, that Fear or Phobia should just feel like a distant memory, replaced by an ability to just respond to the situation appropriately.


Insomnia/lack of sleep

Sleep is one of your body's most vital natural processes, and yet so many of us struggle with it.If we don't get enough sleep for whatever reason, then it impacts on our daily lives, on our energy, leaving us tired mentally and physically. People who experience prolonged periods where their sleep is poor, often experience lack of motivation, negative thinking, Anxiety and/or Depression.At KT Hypnotherapy we can help by removing the Stress and Anxiety, allowing your thoughts to remain calm during the night. With powerful tools and methods we change your sleep patterns so you have a peaceful , restful nights sleep.We will also teach you gentle relaxation methods so there are no negative thoughts before you sleep.



Have you had enough of Smoking/Vaping? Feeling Tired and out of Breath? Have you had enough of being at the mercy of your Habit? At KT Hypnotherapy we understand just how difficult it can be to stop Smoking/Vaping and can help you ditch the Habit forever. Hypnosis helps best once you have decided to stop Smoking/Vaping . We can use Powerful Tools and Methods with Hypnosis to greatly ease the process of Smoking/Vaping Cessation, helping you free yourself of the chains of this Habit, enabling you to live your life in a much healthier way as a non-Smoker/Vaper


weight Loss

Close your eyes and Imagine your longing for food drifting away, Picture a day of eating only what is good for you without giving in to the urge to over eating the wrong foods.Feeling healthier and in control of your diet. Hypnosis for Weight Loss is the ideal tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind, the piece that creates impulses and cravings. Finally giving you back real choice in what you eat. A true and permeant reduction can only be achieved with a change in lifestyle, not through trendy diets or slimming pills as you cannot properly maintain for long periods. By braking the eating patterns, poor eating habits, over-eating and restrain your hunger and weight problems by taking an inner approach with powerful hypnosis techniques.


Self Confidence

A lack of Self Confidence can make the world seem a very difficult place, and make you feel stressed, anxious, unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy. At KT Hypnotherapy we can help rebuild your confidence by helping grow those small seeds of confidence to grow a powerful new you. We will work on how you feel about yourself, and what may have caused you to develop low confidence. Using powerful Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift methods we change the thought patterns and actions to improve your confidence.


Pain Management

One important focus of pain management involves examining the link between the body and mind . For many people stress and anxiety are commonly experienced alongside pain and can exacerbate pain.The perception of physical sensations is directly linked with the way that the mind responds to pain. At KT Hypnotherapy we focus on changing the thought patterns related to the pain which alters the pain perception. By using powerful hypnosis and kinetic shift we will refocus your mind away from the pain and onto something more pleasant.



One in 3 people are addicted to something. Most commonly, when we think of addiction, we imagine addictions too alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. We can however be addicted to a number of things, including work, the internet, gambling, caffeine, sugar, and even sex. Addiction can be defined as not having control over using, taking or doing something to the point where it can be harmful for you. At KT Hypnotherapy we change your perspective on addiction, change your habits, behaviours and thought patterns that lead to addiction.This helps you get your life back , you will be in control and enjoy a balanced life. For those who suffer with the side effects of recovery we can help with an extra layer to make it bearable to come out of the other side .