Kinetic Shift


Kinetic Shift is an energy based therapy, a natural and rapid method of helping people to achieve clarity and joyfulness to their lives. Combining several different techniques to resolve Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Weight Loss,Smoking and so much more. Kinetic Shift is extremely empowering and an uplifting therapy. It releases bad or damaging stuff to absorb and embrace good, peaceful, positive changes and you can create quick but long lasting change. As a Kinetic Shift practitioner i look forward to working with you and leaving you with the feeling of calmness, peace and the love of life once again. I'll use the powerful tools and methods avalible in Kinetic Shift to help you resolve the things that are holding you back and we'll work together to change negative patterns and replace them with more positive ones. Let's start your path to freedom today...


Katie Scardifield

Hypnotherapist and Kinetic Shift Practitioner

Hi i'm Katie , as a specialist in Anxiety and Post Trauma, I personally feel we need to break the stigma of mental health in our society, and shine a light on the positivity. I know how painful and hard it is to suffer from Anxiety, to feel that low , feeling consumed by the mind and unable to function properly. It's clear in todays world , our natural organic planet and our inability to unite nations for one personal goal of spiritual growth, that we need to change. Change in ourselves and change in our attitude towards life. In order for change we need to understand and take control of our minds by learning how to use our minds to free ourselves from negativity. Then love and spirituality can begin when the mind is still, calm and peaceful. If you see the mind as an empty box, with every negative thought as a door. If we choose to listen to the mind, we will open those doors. So by ignoring the negative part of the mind , we say no to the negative and enhance the positive. Leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. Learning is special , when we learn how to use our minds we can experience life just how it is- we feel alive and creative. A normal mind should be calm , peaceful , full of love and free from pain. While Anxiety is a reaction to daily stressors , too much Anxiety can start to cause harm , making you feel stressed and fearful , and everyday takes a toll on your health and wellbeing very quickly. When you feel anxious and uncertain about the future, it's easy to feel hopeless. The more your mind focuses on worst case scenarios, the more anxious you feel and you are unable to make the best decisions. You can't stop thoughts from entering your mind, but you can choose to stop dwelling and take action to solve problems. There is a huge difference between worrying , problem solving and desecration, when your mind tries to pull you into worry , don't take the bait, if you do like a fish in a lake, you will be caught. We need to learn how to use our minds to empower our higher energies, if we see the mind as tool and that we should be in control. If we learn who we are, where we come from and where we are going we will be free from all suffering. If you always let your emotions rule, your body will suffer with illness and tension, this leads to blockages in energy, This can be relieved with Kinetic Shift, an energy based therapy which is a natural and rapid method of allocating, shifting and removing negative energies, it helps bring clarity and peace back into your life.

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