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About KT Hypnotherapy

As a Highly Trained Accredited Hypnotherapist and Kinetic Shift Practitioner we bring Clients Solutions they Seek and Need to Start their Path to Freedom.

Using a number of Advanced Techniques to pull out all those Anxiety's , Fears, Phobia's, whatever it is that's holding you back from feeling the best Version of Yourself.  We clear out all the Negative and Enhance the Positive so you can have the Clarity back to enjoy Life to the Fullest.


Session via zoom

Our online sessions can enable you to get the help you need from wherever you are. I can provide you with the same professional service that my face to face clients receive , and is equally effective. 

Hypnosis can work for..

Hypnosis is a powerful tool used to change destructive/negative behaviours including:


Post Trauma


Self Confidence


Weight loss


and much more

Kinetic Shift

Is  a Powerful Energy based therapy, which is a natural  and rapid method of allocating, shifting and removing negative energies. Kinetic Shift helps bring back clarity and calmness back into your life .


                       Luke's Story

This is a story of a bright and loving young man who has so much to offer the world but struggled from a very young age and had suffered huge challenges due to his disabilities. Luke suffered from learning difficulties, ADHD and Speech Problems. When Luke came to me he was suffering with depression and wanted help to balance his mind and his disabilities. He was in a very dark place and explained how tired he was all the time due to the overload of negative thoughts and feelings flooding his mind which was constant. This caused Luke to have very little sleep and most nights would result in night terrors. Luke distanced himself from the outside world , locked in his own mind and had never experienced stillness before. His speech problems were very noticeable and Luke would get so frustrated when having to speak to others as he struggled to put a sentence together, so people would interrupt or speak for him which would anger and upset him. When i asked luke what he wanted from life he said all he wants is to feel happy and be able to get a job and his own place and build friendships. In the free consultation we discussed a plan of t and how hypnosis will help him remove all these issues. The treatment was in 3 stages.the first stage the removal of the depression and negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions.Which creates a space of stillness so the noise of the mind has gone . The second stage his sleep problems and removing any negativity connected to his sleep pattens including his night terrors so Luke could have a peaceful nights sleep. Stage 3 the removal of his stuttering. The results were amazing Luke has finally the freedom and the happiness and is enjoying life as it should be and is now helping others do the same. 


Here is what Luke had to say..

"I have never in my life experienced my mind still, it has always been constantly going 100 miles an hour , and my disabilities haven't helped I had no focus but after having treatment with KT Hypnotherapy my mind was still ,empty in fact which was such a release a feeling I never thought I would ever experience. The darkness was gone , my focus was great , my night terrors were gone and my sleep  was calm . I have no speech problems any longer it was such a shock to go from someone who couldn't form a sentence to someone who won't stop talking with confidence. KT Hypnotherapy has changed my life I am enjoying life and helping others overcome there issues just like I did and spread the word of hope to never giving up"

Time to be


"I am the silence in your mind,

your shinning light in the darkness,

forgotten personalities,

for now it's time to be"

                                                                               - Roman King




I absolutely loved my Hypnotherapy session with Katie of KT Hypnotherapy. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me , making me feel so much better. Thank you Katie . I will whole heartedly recommend you.


Katie is a fantastic hypnotherapist, she really made sure I was happy with the process as I had never been hypnotised over the internet on Zoom before. It was a great session and I finished feeling lighter, happier and more confident. It was good for me as I didn't have to leave home and was in my own environment, a great plus for anyone with anxiety. I would recommend KT Hypnotherapy to anyone for her caring and professional manner and the positive difference she made to my issues.


Katie is a fantastic hypnotherapist, very skilled and has excellent knowledge and confidence . After my session I have never felt better in myself and my issues I had for several years was gone . I recommend KT Hypnotherapy to anyone , what a amazing experience.


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